Keep you home or business sanitary and safe.

Our electrostatic disinfecting system will cover even the hardest to reach areas, keeping them free of viruses and bacteria.
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How does our disinfectant process work?

Our electrostatic disinfecting machine covers areas traditional disinfectants will miss.
how electrostatic disinfecting cleaning works

Electrostatic Disinfecting Machine

With our electrostatic disinfecting machine, we can come into your home or business and disinfect everything from top to bottom.

The machine sprays a fine mist of electrically charged disinfectant particles, dropping onto the target in a gentle, low pressure air stream. This results in uniform coverage of even hard to reach and hidden areas.

Antimicrobial Coating for Lasting Protection

We also have an antimicrobial coating, which works as a sustainable surface protectant. The coating will work to keep surfaces sanitary after disinfecting.

Our disinfecting process helps to fight the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria. We'll work to keep your space sanitary and stay that way even in between regular cleanings.
disinfected kitchen

Safe and Trusted

This process follows CDC guidelines for disinfecting indoor environments, and is trusted by hospitals, government agencies, universities, and elite sports teams.

The disinfectant is color safe, leaves no residue, and has no harsh fumes. It's mild enough to use without gloves, won't dry out surfaces, and will keep surfaces sanitary in between cleanings.

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