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Breathe new life into your carpet.

We'll clean and restore your carpet using high-quality professional grade cleaning products and equipment. Get in touch today for a free estimate and see if we can make your carpet look like new again.

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These guys did a great job on our carpets. I would recommend them to anyone.

Pat Parkhurst

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Why let us clean your carpets?

We'll get the job done right, satisfaction guaranteed.

Our IICRC certified technicians clean your carpet, area rug, or upholstery with top quality professional equipment and cleaning products. With our expertise and equipment, we'll get what others miss, and have things looking as new as possible.

Our cleaning technicians are trained in safely removing tough stains and deeply embedded dirt. It's not only our great equipment and cleaners that matter, it's also the great operators.

If your stains reappear, we'll come back and clean them again. Sometimes stains can wick up through the carpet and pads, but we'll make it right.

We offer our cleaning services to everywhere. We'll service restaurants, apartments, your house, offices, businesses, churches, and more. We also offer an upholstery cleaning service, and can take years of soil from your couches or other furniture. 

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Learn more about how we can achieve amazing results, removing years of dirt and stains from your carpet. Save on costly replacements and let us restore your carpet.

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PH Balanced 2-Part Chemical System

Our cleaning system consists of two cleaning chemicals: a alkaline pre-spray and acidic cleaning solution. This results in a balanced pH, making the carpet attract less soil after it's been cleaned.

We have a wide array of chemicals available for stain removal, and can tackle the toughest spots. We use the industry's best commercial grade products.

Tackle the Worst Odors

Our industrial enzymic deodorizers will tackle the worst smells. Some odors are too tough for normal carpet cleaners, but we'll take care of them.

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Commercial Grade Equipment

We have thousands of dollars of equipment that we push to the maximum temperatures, pressure, and suction to get the best possible results while saving you time and money. 

Our cylindrical brush machine works the prespray into the fibers, loosening the soil for ease of removal. Our hot water extraction techniques will give the best possible results, removing years of built up stains, dirt, and dust.

Three Reasons to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

All carpets should be regularly cleaned. Is yours ready for a professional cleaning service?

Clean carpets are good for your health.

Over time, dust particles from the air will settle into the carpet. As you walk around, these particles will be released into the air. These particles can irritate your respiratory system, worsening sinus issues like allergies and infections. To prevent this, it's important not only to vacuum, but to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned regularly.

Clean carpet lasts longer, saving you money.

Not only does the dirt and dust in your carpet have the potential to trigger respiratory issues, but it wears down the fibers of the carpet as you move around. The small particles act like sandpaper when you move against them. A professionally steam cleaning will extend its life, saving you from having to replace it prematurely.

It makes your home feel more inviting.

Clean carpet not only looks great, but it feels better. When you gradually become accustomed to your carpet as it gets dirty, it's easy to forget this. Cleaner carpet will make your home feel much more comfortable, as you'll love the feel of soft, clean carpet on your feet. A professional hot water extraction can make your carpet feel new again and make you feel more comfortable in your own space.

If you're looking for more ways to freshen up your space, we also offer a window cleaning service. We'll make the glass look crystal clear, helping to bring more light in and make your home or business look clean and inviting. We serve Yreka and Mount Shasta, CA and surrounding areas.