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I called EZ Janitorial, they scheduled me, came out on time and got the job done! The staff is friendly and very professional. They will be our company to use for the tough jobs that we can no longer do!
Again, Thanks!
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Professional Pressure Washing Service

We offer both pressure and power washing services to Yreka, CA and the surrounding area, including Mount Shasta and Hornbrook. When you've got a tough cleaning job, call EZ Janitorial.

EZ Janitorial offers a range of professional cleaning services to both homes and businesses, including pressure and power washing.

Our cleaning professionals can pressure wash your concrete patio, wooden deck, exterior house paint, stone, and other materials, removing years of built up soil and making them look like new.

Let us save you the trouble of renting a machine and doing the work yourself. We make it easy, fast, and affordable. Let us handle your cleaning project.

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Pressure Washing vs Power Washing

While pressure washing and power washing are two similar cleaning techniques, they aren't quite the same. We can help decide which is right for your job.

man using a pressure washer to clean a wood deck

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure spray to remove debris such as dirt, loose paint, mold, and other grime. It uses unheated water, making it safer on more sensitive surfaces. For many jobs, a pressure washer does a great job of quickly removing build up soil, but for dirtier jobs, power washing may be required instead.

How is power washing different ?

Power washing uses hot water, in contrast with the unheated water that power washers use. A power washer uses similar amounts of pressure. The water can be heated to the appropriate temperature that each job calls for, reaching temperatures of over 300 degrees. The hot water helps to remove soil more effectively and get things cleaner. For tougher jobs or industrial applications, it may be necessary to power wash for best results.

man power washing built up grime from a patio

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Why You Need Professional Pressure Washing

After years of use and weather as the seasons change, your home will eventually start to look aged. However, we have some good news. This isn't just due to wear and tear, but mostly due to build up to dirt and grime. With power or pressure washing, this built up soil can easily be removed, restoring your residence or business to a like-new appearance.

First impressions are everything, and when someone sees your home or storefront for the first time, they'll make an immediate judgement whether they realize it or not. What do you think when you see a dirty and run down looking building? You probably wonder if this person or business is dependable or trustworthy, the same as you'd think when someone doesn't take care of their personal appearance. Keeping your house or place of business looking new and fresh will give the impression that you have things together and can be counted on.

Pressure washing can restore siding, cement, and more to the way they looked when new, saving you from costly replacements. With regular cleaning, you can save your money and time by preserving your property and preventing waste. When left to sit, mold and intrusive plants can destroy patios, buildings, and sidewalks. With regular pressure washing, this can be prevented, keeping your property in good and clean condition for years to come.

Hiring our team of professionals will save you the hassle of doing it yourself, and we offer our services at a reasonable price. Our commercial equipment and trained professionals will work quickly and effectively to get the job done right. Before you decide to rent a pressure washer, give us a call. We'll prevent the headache of renting a machine, fueling and cleaning it, doing the job yourself, and returning the machine.

EZ Janitorial can handle your power and pressure washing needs, and any other commercial and residential cleaning you may require. We guarantee we'll do an excellent job to your satisfaction, and we look forward to serving you!